Intralinks Debtspace™ for Deal Management

Introducing a smarter way to go from pitch to deal execution. You can now close in a fraction of the time and leave behind overly complex spreadsheets and stand-alone applications.

Close more deals faster by working smarter, not harder.

When it comes to loan origination and syndication you know that one size doesn't fit all investors. You don't always have the insights you need to win the mandate for the deal or pinpoint the right investors to the right opportunities before your competitors do… until now.  

The Intralinks Debtspace Deal Management System (DMS) is the new, comprehensive loan origination and deal execution solution built to give you better insights into client interactions and enable you to match borrowers and investors more efficiently.

With business intelligence you can develop pitches that have a higher probability of closing.

You'll spend less time building the book and more time building relationships.  You can quickly and precisely capture who's in, for how much and who's out, ultimately leaving you with deep marketing insights and historical information all in one secure place.

You'll gain broad visibility and tighter control across the deal lifecycle.

You'll manage information when and where you need it. Fast… accurate… secure!

Streamline and simplify complex loan deal processes.

Relationship managers, originators, syndicate and sales desks tell us their toughest challenge is gaining accurate real-time visibility to deal details in a quickly changing market environment.

Core features include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and notes
  • Deal execution and dashboards
  • Business intelligence and pipeline management
  • Syndication and book building

Experience easy, intuitive integration

Because Intralinks Debtspace for Deal Management is integrated with Misys Loan IQ, you’ll have complete deal visibility and control.  You can now effectively manage the entire deal lifecycle from pre-mandate to book building to close to servicing and accounting.

✔ Create exchanges in the Intralinks Platform within DMS
✔ Sync investors to deal workspaces
✔ Connect to back-end accounting system with allocation amounts to Misys Loan IQ

Here’s how we make it easier:

•    Record conversations with potential borrowers and investors 
•    Track deal characteristics, gauge investor interest, and manage allocations
•    Control who sees what information and when inside and outside your organization

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