Intralinks Debtspace™

Accelerate the syndicated lending process.

Improve syndicated loan collaboration in a highly secure, entirely auditable platform throughout the primary, secondary, and agency phases. Reduce risk and work more efficiently with Intralinks Debtspace.

For the full, syndicated loan lifecycle

Intralinks Debtspace is the most widely adopted solution suite for syndicated lending. Our deal execution solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), pipeline tracking, book building, document distribution, amendment voting and reporting enable you to save time and focus on what really matters.  

Execute syndicated loans smarter with the Intralinks Debtspace Deal Management System

Leave behind overly complex spreadsheets and standalone apps while shaving off significant time from pitch to deal closing. The Intralinks Debtspace Deal Management System (DMS) gives you further insight into your client interactions so you can:

  • Overcome time limitations and increase visibility
  • Improve customer relationship management through comment and activity tracking
  • Delve deeper into real-time client behavior with customized reporting
  • Collaborate on deals more efficiently with sole and joint book building tools
  • Get instantaneous views of syndication status

Manage document distribution with complete security and oversight in the Intralinks Debtspace Virtual Data Room

Whether you have 1 deal or 100, an Intralinks Debtspace Virtual Data Room (VDR) will streamline document management and allow you to execute any deal more efficiently.

Intra​links Debtspace VDR improves document sharing for primary syndication, agency servicing, and loan trading with:

  • Quick filters for single-click access to new or unread files
  • In-depth access monitoring and alert capabilities
  • Full text search and filtering across deals
  • Granular lender entity tagging with Markit Entity Identifiers
  • Public vs. private designation to control how information is disclosed
  • Complete audit trails of all deal activity

Extended agency functionality with built-in amendment voting

You have complete control. Intralinks Debtspace Amendment Vote Management (AVM) enables you to oversee and master the voting process in real-time with:

  • Configurable amendment templates
  • Lenderbridge synchronization for credit contacts and commitment information
  • Alerts to help users make timely voting decisions and stay on-task
  • Unique electronic signature pages for lender certification
  • Automatic weighted vote calculations

With our jointly supported and packaged Lenderbridge integration adapter for Misys FusionBanking Loan IQ, you can:

  • Identify and sync primary deal information—final allocations are sent directly to FusionBanking Loan IQ
  • Automatically sync credit contacts with FusionBanking Loan IQ and the Intralinks Debtspace VDR during the agency phase
  • Sync active deal information for amendment voting

Our compliance tools include:

  • Private vs. Public declaration
  • Comprehensive monitoring of employee access
  • Compliance officer control over who can access Intralinks Debtpace VDRs

Intralinks Debtspace

​Broad visibility and tighter control. Execute syndicated loans more intelligently and efficiently with Intralinks Debtspace.

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