Intralinks Studyspace™

Clinical Trial Portal

Improve communication and act upon real-time intelligence to make smarter, faster decisions. Manage clinical trials in a super-secure, user-friendly online repository designed for more than document exchange. 

Centralized document control and much, much more.

The clinical trial portal does more than manage documentation. It enables collaboration and streamlines communication just as much as providing access to information. Employing a centralized online repository significantly cuts costs and saves time throughout the life cycle of a study.

Intralinks Studyspace simplifies the entire clinical trial process, and enables staff to spend more time on breakthroughs and less time on “paperwork.”

  • Reduces time spent on site recruitment by managing the distribution and collection of site feasibility surveys in a single, secure location — accelerating clinical site activation
  • Shortens the time spent in the study startup phase by tracking regulatory documents
  • Centralizes information and safety reporting in real time
  • Ensures patient confidentiality and secures non-public information, effectively reducing risk of unauthorized access
  • Provides instant access to information anywhere, from any device
  • Gives administrators the ability to grant permissions and even revoke at the document level

For example: Studyspace can help automate end-to-end site feasibility processes, providing sponsors with detailed insights and enabling better site selection. Optimal sites produce more effective trials that are on time and on budget.

Medical advancements need time. Intralinks Studyspace will get you there faster.

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Intralinks Studyspace

Accelerate breakthroughs. Deliver drugs and therapies to market faster when you manage clinical trials in a secure online repository built upon communication and effective, real-time information exchange. 

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