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Confidently share and collaborate when information security is everything

Take the Data Security Assessment and find out how your company and employee file sharing practices can put your data at risk.

Expertise where it matters

We’re tried and tested in the most demanding business environments. To see how secure file sharing solutions can help you with the collaboration, distribution and management of sensitive information just select your industry. 



Go beyond sync and share
into the realm of secure collaboration

The need for beyond-the-firewall collaboration has never been greater – yet, with the proliferation of unsafe, unsanctioned file-sharing tools, your data has never been at higher risk. Intralinks VIA is a secure file sharing solution that provides ultra-safe collaboration, high IT visibility into employees’ activities, and a set of management tools that enhance tracking, reporting, and productivity.

Use secure file sharing to save time and work smarter — and do it all with the confidence of knowing your information is entirely secure.

Take complete control of your content lifecycle

Maintain complete control over your information in a content management solution designed for large-scale enterprise needs and collaboration with external stakeholders.

Minimize risk and maintain compliance

Reduce risk while fostering greater productivity. Fully integrated IRM and detailed reporting ensure your organization is always audit-ready and working within stringent compliance regulations.

Accelerate the way you work — anytime and anywhere

Share content, simply. And with greater flexibility. We want to change the way you think about collaboration. Work together quickly and more efficiently from your desktop, browser, and mobile device.

A single collaboration solution for the entire enterprise.

Intralinks VIA is the preferred platform for secure collaboration and ad hoc sharing across multiple industries, featuring best-in-class reporting tools and multi-language user interface.

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Over 40 industries provided with Intralinks’ services


Working from old plans could mean the loss of even a millisecond on a lap — the difference between winning and losing. With the help of Intralinks, our race engineers have real-time support around the clock from partners and employees around the world.

Stuart Birrell | CIO at McLaren Group


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Intralinks VIA helps you work smarter.

Expand Intralinks VIA to meet every need. Securely.

Intralinks VIA® easily integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and more. We also provide configuration guidance and client support whenever you need it.



Intralinks award-winning customer support team is committed to helping all of internal and external users of our customers when and wherever they may need assistance. We offer round-the-clock assistance 365 days a year, in over 140 languages.


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Foster greater enterprise collaboration with the Intralinks API and integration with the software and productivity tools you’re currently using.


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When the job requires an industry-specific file secure file sharing solution

From virtual data rooms critical to any merger & acquisition, to helping securely track and document studies in the life sciences realm, Intralinks is the best-in-class choice for secure file sharing across multiple industries.

Intralinks Dealspace®

Intralinks Dealspace®

Streamline the M&A process when you share information more efficiently and securely in the world’s leading virtual data room for mergers & acquisitions.

Discover Intralinks Dealspace
Intralinks Studyspace™

Intralinks Studyspace™

Accelerate breakthroughs. Deliver to market faster when you manage clinical trials in a secure online repository built upon real-time information exchange.

Learn about Intralinks Studyspace

Use Cases

Learn how Intralinks VIA has helped companies work smartly and confidently.

Featured Use Case

Secure Document Sharing

Safely and efficiently engage in managed file transfer on an intuitive, easy-to-use platform – without relying upon unwieldy and expensive document portals and exhaustive IT involvement.

Learn more about Secure Document Sharing Learn more about Secure Document Sharing

Featured Use Case

Mobile Content Access

Going to work no longer requires a desk. Or even a laptop. Effective collaboration now demands access and response to critical content through mobile devices—without ever sacrificing security for full access, functionality, and control.

Work anytime and anywhere with Intralinks VIA Secure Mobile Work anytime and anywhere with Intralinks VIA Secure Mobile