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Free your organization to collaborate productively and communicate with confidence. Secure file sharing is the key.

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Collaborate securely without compromise.

Use Intralinks VIA for secure and compliant enterprise content collaboration across boundaries – from flexible, ad hoc team collaboration to structured, large-scale processes

Content collaboration and sharingContent collaboration and sharing: Support collaborative work across business boundaries, connecting with teams, partners, customers, and vendors, while maintaining full control of high-value business information. Learn more.  

Mobile content managementMobile content access: Enable mobile workforces without losing control of information. Learn more.

Secure, external content repositoriesSecure, external content repositories: Support complex information sharing and collaboration for external and distributed teams to access the content they need.  

Content-intensive business processesContent-intensive business processes: Improve the efficiency and reduce the risk of content-intensive business processes by configuring content templates, managing complex entitlements, and executing metadata-driven workflows

A single collaboration solution for the entire enterprise.


Intralinks VIA is the preferred platform for secure content collaboration and ad hoc enterprise file sharing across multiple industries, featuring best-in-class reporting tools and multi-language user interface.

Watch how Intralinks VIA works in every department – and brings business workflows together into a unified, productive enterprise.

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of Fortune 1000 Engineering and Construction companies have used Intralinks

"Using Intralinks VIA, my confidence level in how the electronic documents were being managed went up dramatically. Intralinks gave us a greater level of control, to know that people are looking at the documents they need to look at."

– Patricio Grané Labat, Partner, Volterra Fietta


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Collaborate your way.

Intralinks VIA integrates with your infrastructure. So you can work well with your partners.

The Intralinks VIA family includes two integrated applications delivered on a common platform. A single user identity is shared across the Intralinks platform, enabling Intralinks VIA users to access all permissioned information across business groups, companies, and Intralinks applications (including Intralinks Dealspace Virtual Data Rooms). 

Intralinks VIA Pro

Simple and intuitive workspaces for secure file sync, content sharing, and team collaboration:


  • Intuitive web, mobile, and desktop interfaces
  • Desktop file synchronization and Microsoft® Outlook® integration
  • Search by folder/file name and in-document text
  • Mobile annotation and in-product native (Office Online®) viewing of Microsoft Office files
  • 24x7 multilingual support services available


  • Collaborative workspaces with folders, cascading folder-level permissions, version control, version tracking and user comments
  • Four user roles, including co-owners and fully anonymous participants
  • Support for files of up to 11GB+
  • Business group administrative console to set group policies and manage users


  • Advanced plug in-free Information Rights Management (IRM) defined by workspace owners at file/folder levels and admins as business group policy
  • Real-time access logs
  • Device pinning, remote wipe,
  • Advanced risk and security features of the Intralinks platform
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Intralinks VIA Elite

Secure, configurable and scalable exchanges for structured collaboration, content management and document-centric workflows:


  • Powerful web, mobile, and desktop interfaces designed for large-scale user groups and content sets
  • In-line secure viewer
  • Search by folder/file name and in-document text
  • 24x7 multilingual support services available


  • Group/individual/folder/file-level permissioning
  • Configurable content templates and folder/document indexing
  • Configurable metadata-driven workflows and notifications
  • Admin-defined user groups with automatically cascading permissions
  • 16 pre-defined user roles
  • Desktop application for exchange design, bulk permissioning, and large-scale content uploading
  • Experienced customer support teams for exchange configuration, user training, and adoption support
  • REST APIs and other configuration and extensibility features of the Intralinks platform


  • Advanced plug in-free Information Rights Management defined at file/folder levels and integrated with business group permissioning and user roles
  • Granular access logs and compliance data
  • Advanced risk and security features of the Intralinks Platform
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When the job requires an industry-specific file secure file sharing solution

From virtual data rooms critical to any merger & acquisition, to helping securely track and document studies in the life sciences realm, Intralinks is the best-in-class choice for secure file sharing across multiple industries.

Intralinks Dealspace®

Intralinks Dealspace®

Streamline the M&A process when you share information more efficiently and securely in the world’s leading virtual data room for mergers & acquisitions.

Discover Intralinks Dealspace
Intralinks Studyspace™

Intralinks Studyspace™

Accelerate breakthroughs. Deliver to market faster when you manage clinical trials in a secure online repository built upon real-time information exchange.

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Case Studies

Learn how Intralinks VIA has helped companies work smartly and confidently.

Featured Use Case

Midwest BankCentre

Midwest BankCentre Strengthens Security and Increases Business Velocity with Intralinks VIA®.

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Featured Use Case

Volterra Fietta

International law firm Volterra Fietta uses Intralinks VIA® to securely and efficiently support its legal work settling disputes among states, and resolving client cases.

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