Secure file sharing with lifetime control that extends
beyond sync and share

Safely and efficiently engage in secure file sharing on an intuitive, easy-to-use platform – without relying upon unwieldy and expensive document portals and exhaustive IT involvement. 

Get work done without worrying about where your content may end up.

Intralinks VIA® enables secure file sharing and managed file transfer designed for the way we work today — accessible from the web, your desktop, or mobile device. Securely manage documents externally just as you would internally. Whether it’s your senior product marketer, your biggest client, or an all-important investor across the globe, Intralinks VIA fosters real-time collaboration beyond time zones and traditional enterprise boundaries. With Intralinks VIA managed file transfer, you can maintain absolute control over your most secure documents — you can permission or revoke access at anytime and from any device.

Managed file transfer for the modern enterprise. Intralinks VIA can take the way you share and secure documents to the next ultra-collaborative level:

  • Maintain document-level control over access rights and permissions, including downloading, editing, and printing — for the entire content lifecycle
  • View, edit, and comment on shared documents from the desktop, web and on any mobile device
  • Bulk upload both users and documents, provision rights and revoke access quickly and easily. And do it with 10+ GB of file storage and unlimited data — without additional complexity or IT involvement
  • Integrate with enterprise content management systems like SharePoint®, and take advantage of additional productivity-based extensions and API.
  • View Microsoft Office® documents in their native format without ever having to leave the secure environment
  • Upload and share every file knowing they’re wrapped in Intralinks IRM by design™ — lifetime document protection
  • Get absolute power over your security with Customer-Managed Keys (CMKs), created exclusively for enterprise organizations that demand total control over their encryption keys
  • Reduce training time and encourage swift adoption with our intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop capabilities

Intralinks VIA

Secure file sharing made simple. Wield complete control of your most critical information — even after download — with UNshare®, the power to manage permissions for the entire lifecycle of a document.

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