Vulnerability Reporting

Responsible Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities

Intralinks is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customer data. If you've discovered a security vulnerability in Intralinks, we appreciate your help in disclosing it to us in a reasonable manner and ask that you follow these guidelines:

Vulnerability Reporting

As part of its commitment to security, Intralinks has established the following vulnerability reporting process for its customers, users and independent security researchers:


  • Intralinks has implemented a process for independent security assessments. Please contact your sales representative or support team to arrange a test.
  • You are not permitted to conduct any non-functional testing without obtaining our prior written permission.
·For independent security researchers and users who believe they have discovered a security vulnerability with Intralinks services we ask that you:
  • Share the security issue with us in detail by submitting a report
  • Give us a reasonable time to respond to the issue before making any information about it public.
  • Not access or modify user data without permission of the account owner.
  • Act in good faith not to degrade the performance of our services (including denial of service).
  • Please do not make your research or findings public until after we have had a chance to investigate and roll out a fix.



If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in Intralinks, Inc., please let us know below.