Zoom integration

Keeping fund managers on-point, offsite.


Don’t let the disruption of in-person meetings derail your productivity - seamlessly bring your video recordings into the secure environment of your Intralinks Portal.

With more and more fund managers relying on video files to enhance their fundraising, investor communication and ODD processes in this remote-based environment, it’s critical to have a seamless way to securely store and share these assets. So we’ve created a direct integration with Zoom, which lets you quickly and easily upload to your portal:

  • Management presentations
  • Video-conferenced facility tours
  • Operational due diligence reviews
  • Q&A and other due diligence tasks

Import, organize and protect your video files with just a few clicks – without ever leaving your data room.

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Here’s how it works


In your VDR, click on Upload from Zoom.

Zoom integration: click upload


Log into Zoom using your organization’s credentials.*



*Note: Your organization needs to support Zoom for this feature to work – you can’t log in to Zoom through your Intralinks account.

Zoom integration: log in


Select the recordings to import.

Zoom integration: select recordings


Your recordings will appear in upload.

Zoom integration: your recordings will appear


And the files are added to your directory.

Zoom integration: recordings are added

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