Keep Your Data Under Lock and Key. And Keep the Keys to Yourself.

Intralinks Customer Managed Keys

Keep Your Data Under Lock and Key. And Keep the Keys to Yourself.

Giving a business partner access to your data requires a great deal of trust. Never has this been more evident than in today's world of cloud-based computing. There is little doubt that the SaaS model provides the most versatility and flexibility for delivering the types of tools the modern enterprise requires while reducing IT overhead. Yet, some security and risk professionals see on-premises solutions as the safest method for protecting content. As a SaaS industry pioneer in secure content collaboration, Intralinks developed customer managed keys (CMK) to give you total control of the encryption keys that safeguard access to your data in the cloud.

Highlights of Intralinks CMK:

  • Provides logical location control for data sovereignty purposes; encryption keys can stay 'in-country' regardless of where encrypted data, inaccessible without the keys, is stored
  • Dedicated hardware and software solution meets FIPS 140.2 Level 3 security standards
  • Customers may leverage existing in-house key management procedures
  • Cost effective and scalable options are available for dedicated and shared infrastructures without introducing risk of third-party technologies

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I trust Intralinks VIA because it’s a really safe and useful product. We’ll have up to 20 external clients leveraging Intralinks VIA to collaborate with us in Year Two after adoption.

Ruben Becker, Chief Operating Officer Leverate Media
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