Intralinks for Buyside Due Diligence

Make better buying decisions faster. 
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Quickly organize deal documents, manage your team’s due diligence evaluation and identify key findings early in the diligence process.

In our current, highly-competitive M&A environment, it’s absolutely critical for Corporate Development teams and Private Equity firms to move with speed and confidence on decisions about which deals to pursue. 

The Intralinks Buyside Due Diligence solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you better organize and analyze seller information and accelerate the diligence phase of the deal lifecycle. 

Traditionally, Buyers have had to navigate due diligence manually, using inefficient processes that lead to lost time, incomplete analysis or missed red flags. Now, to be agile and to make the right decisions, rapid seller data organization is key; Buyers need insight on how their teams are engaging with seller information; and you need to spot potential areas that require clarification quickly.

The new Intralinks Buyside Due Diligence solution automates document classification and recommends files from the Intralinks Virtual Data Room (VDR) to review based on your checklist items or questions. 

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Intralinks Buyside Due Diligence innovations:

  • Automated content mapping – Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled automated content classification maps the contents in the seller’s VDR to your due diligence checklist – saving the time typically allocated to a manual classification and review of this information set.
  • AI-driven gap analysis –Automatically highlights missing information.
  • Activity dashboard – The due diligence process manager now has real-time visibility into the team’s evaluation progress.
  • Consolidated findings – Rather than rely on ad hoc methods of collecting feedback and key findings from the deal team, managers now have these updates at their fingertips in a secure, centralized hub.
  • Earlier and better findings detection – Rapid, automated exposure of vulnerability¬¬ areas allows the deal team to focus on liability issues early on – before they become roadblocks.

Built for Buyers, by the virtual data room leader

Unlike other solutions, Intralinks’ Buyside Due Diligence application is purpose-built for participants on the buyside of a transaction, designed to match actual workflow needs and providing transparency into the deal team’s activity in real-time.

The Intralinks Buyside Due Diligence solution is just part of our continual effort to remain the world’s preferred virtual data room. We’re committed to equipping dealmakers everywhere with the most technologically advanced tools to empower sound, data-driven deals.


Deal team activity is easily managed and monitored by the Corp Dev or PE lead – no more email chains or endless status-update phone calls.

Buyside dashboard screen

With just a few clicks, managers can assign folders and documents to team members, and see an aggregated set of due diligence findings.

Buyside checklist screen

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