Sell Side

For liquidity events, Intralinks is the only virtual due diligence provider that supports the entire deal process.

Deal preparation: Yes, it can be easy

Stay organized and prepared for due diligence. Organize critical files through our Deal Team Exchange to facilitate hassle-free deal preparation, and seamlessly transition to a virtual data room when you’re ready to invite counterparties. Avoid having to search through inboxes desperately trying to find a particular spreadsheet, or worrying about tracking down the latest version of a document. Your team can work together more collaboratively and productively to expedite your time to market. 

Deal marketing: It's more than who you know

Engage over 7,000 investment banks, private equity funds, and corporations with buy-side mandates on Intralinks Dealnexus®, the world’s largest deal sourcing network. Intelligently identify and discretely connect with potential acquirers faster than ever. Measure interest in deals and maximize asset values by building relationships within an expanded universe of potential suitors. Create blind deal profiles, generate intelligent buyer lists based upon transaction criteria, upload deal-specific documents, and grant and revoke access to them at any time. Intralinks – the world's leading virtual data room provider – ensures a quick and secure M&A transaction. 

Due diligence: Intralinks Virtual Data Room (VDR)

Seamlessly transition to the virtual due diligence phase in an Intralinks Virtual Data Room — the best-in-class VDR since 1997. Bring your deal to close faster and more efficiently with clear-cut permissioning capabilities, the quickest document upload speeds, and a full range of features designed to expedite the deal process – all wrapped in the easiest, most intuitive user interface available today. 

Full-coverage reporting: Get analytics anytime and anywhere 

On the Intralinks platform and Intralinks Secure Mobile, you can see where, when, and how potential buyers interact with the data you have shared — from your desk or any mobile device. You’re able to quickly identify which buyers are serious and determine focal points to close the deal faster.

Q&A: The Intralinks differentiator

Throughout the deal process, managing questions from potential buyers and ensuring prompt responses can be tedious and time consuming. Intralinks eliminates the confusion and protects you from the most commonly made mistakes, while maintaining important security and auditability features. By eliminating the traditional and inefficient process of tracking Q&A via spreadsheet, Intralinks Q&A integrates it into your deal process and helps maintain deal momentum. 

When the deal is done

Fully 93% of deals with public company targets valued at over $100m involve some form of shareholder litigation*. Cut down on your legal costs and reduce risk exposure with an Intralinks DVD Archive and Intralinks for Post-Merger Integration. We provide you with a fully auditable trail of all activity on your VDR, meaning disputes can be settled without going to court.

*WilmerHale M&A Report

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