Intralinks Customer Managed Keys

Get total control over the encryption key lifecycle.

Intralinks Customer Managed Keys (CMK) add the ultimate security protections to your SaaS-based platform, reduce IT overhead and protect critical content.

By combining dedicated hardware and software that meet FIPS 140.2 Level 3 security standards, CMK gives you full control over your data in the cloud.


Customer managed Encryption Keys
With CMK, you own the only copy of your keys

With Intralinks CMK, you own the only copy of your keys.

A fully compliant FIPS 140-2 Level 3 packaged solution that provides customers full and sole control over the ability to manage the encryption keys used to protect their data in the cloud:

  • Logical location control - encryption keys can stay in-country regardless of where encrypted data is stored
  • Available for dedicated and shared infrastructures without risks associated with third-party technologies
  • Ability to revoke content access without relying on Intralinks
  • Ability to rotate encryption keys without requiring re-encryption of existing content
  • Auditability of the entire key management process and ability to leverage existing in-house key management

I trust Intralinks VIA because it’s a really safe and useful product. We’ll have up to 20 external clients leveraging Intralinks VIA to collaborate with us in Year Two after adoption.

Ruben Becker
Chief Operating Officer
Leverate Media