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A John Laing, Plc, desenvolve, investe e opera projetos de infraestrutura do setor público com financiamento privado.

When the company needed a secure, efficient solution to manage an M&A transaction, it turned to Intralinks®. Impressed with the ease of use, excellent customer service, and intuitive platform, Laing then decided to standardize with Intralinks for additional transactions like asset purchase/disposal and as a centralized document repository. Laing also uses Intralinks to communicate with auditors.

The Situation

John Laing was looking for one solution to simplify and organize its critical information exchange for various uses across the company, including M&A transactions, audit, and corporate development.

The Problem

Using multiple platforms and managing multiple vendors for each different use had previously been inefficient and unwieldy.

The Implications

When communicating with internal and external parties, email proved to be cumbersome because of the large files and resulting firewall issues, adding both time and cost to the process. To enhance security and facilitate audit, track who received which documents and when, was also of paramount concern.

The Solution

Laing had already used Intralinks on several M&A transactions and had been impressed with the platform’s security, compliance and reporting features. John Laing decided to standardize by using Intralinks to easily store and share critical information inside and outside the company.

The Result

Adopting Intralinks as its preferred provider enables John Laing to have a turnkey solution that saves valuable time and money by eliminating the need to learn multiple platforms and manage multiple vendors. In addition, the same users of multiple exchanges can access the system using one login and password. Further, the Intralinks platform provides real-time access reports to monitor who has reviewed information, how often, and when. 

The Benefit

As a result of Intralinks’ unmatched security, customer service and intuitive platform, John Laing now uses Intralinks to manage asset purchase and disposal, and as a corporate repository for critical information. Using Intralinks the company can now efficiently and securely manage the 69 projects in its portfolio.