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Gerenciamento de Direitos de Informação: Proteger a informação onde quer que esteja — em Inglês

Este webinar apresenta a visão técnica de Randy Franklin Smith e Clement Cazalot sobre o IRM e como ele funciona – especialmente no ambiente típico do Windows.

An IRM-secured document can be emailed, copied, uploaded, posted, and shared. Through encryption, the protection is constant, both in transit and at rest.

This webinar provides a technical view of Information Rights Management (IRM) and how it works. You’ll hear about:

  • How IRM works in the typical Windows environment
  • About Active Directory Rights Management Services and the IRM support built into Microsoft Office and most PDF applications
  • What the user experience can be when IRM is done right
  • IRM is complex and powerful under the hood, but when done right, provides an elegantly simple experience to the end-user while enabling versatile and comprehensive protection

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