Reprodução do webinar Impacto da Lei Dodd-Frank: em 2015 e no futuro — em Inglês

Como navegar em um mar de novas normas sob condições de visibilidade mínima

In the midst of unprecedented regulatory change, one thing remains constant: Governance, risk, and compliance professionals are being asked to do more. This session covers banking's shifting regulatory landscape as well as the common challenges facing GRC professionals. Learn how to better arm your lines of defense and strengthen controls over regulatory affairs. 

Dodd-Frank has been called the most comprehensive set of U.S. regulatory reforms since the Great Depression and will have continuing and lasting change on our industry. Join over 3.1 million users from all corners of the globe who have used Intralinks to control their organizational collaboration and securely share information. View this webinar to learn about a controlled means to collect, monitor, audit, and securely share confidential regulatory information outside your organization.

Gain control over your regulatory processes. View the webinar: