Resolvendo o dilema das informações de consultoria jurídica — em Inglês

Descubra como as consultorias jurídicas atuais estão entendendo o risco crescente e os desafios na tomada de decisões no novo ambiente de empresa estendida e colaborativa.

In the last decade, the role of General Counsel has broadened and taken on important new risk management and business decision-making functions, as their formerly monolithic corporations have evolved rapidly into collaborative, extended enterprises. 

At the same time, however, their budgets are smaller and the business managers they’re trying to help view them as roadblocks instead of facilitators, which sounds just like the complaint often levelled against their Chief Information Officer (CIO) counterparts.

This whitepaper explores the GC’s information conundrum and makes the case for a web-based, inter-enterprise content-and-collaboration repository with enterprise-grade security, compliance and information governance characteristics  as a driver of greater effectiveness for risk management while enabling the enterprise to operate efficiently.

13 March 2015