Quality Support Services

Our Quality Support Services (QSS) team works with our customers as well as our internal training, product development, and support management teams to understand how our customers are utilizing our support infrastructure.

The Quality Support Services team acts as a liaison between the client and management team, often as an advocate of the customer experience. We evaluate customer feedback – surveys and other customer interactions – to understand how our services are being delivered, as well as the effectiveness of our responses and process impact.

Quality Support Services areas 

Process Management

The QSS team continuously reviews process documents to verify they are up-to-date, enabling teams to consistently deliver quality support internally and externally. Our Learning Management System (LMS) ensures that our agents are individually trained on appropriate role-specific processes. Our LMS also tracks our agents against the grid – confirming that they are reviewing existing and/or training on new processes in a timely manner – and satisfies our internal compliance requirements and external quality certifications.

Quality Management

All of our support team’s interactions with customers are digitally recorded, to help teams consistently deliver responsive performance. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system captures chat exchanges and email correspondence, and inbound and outbound phone calls are recorded. The QSS team utilizes the recordings of these interactions to help coach our agents. All agents are reviewed at least twice per month, through each medium, and scoring is based on a standardized Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Customer Experience Management

As part of the ticketing process the QSS team surveys our customer base, checking in on their customer experience. We want to know what you enjoyed – and what needs to be improved. The QSS team is responsible for the review and follow-up on these surveys. The surveys also help us provide data to our product management and development teams.

Performance Management

The QSS team provides reporting to the Intralinks Management team. We monitor and measure various KPIs. Reporting on these is done at multiple frequencies. We are constantly looking for trends to help us evaluate our performance.