Biotech Innovator Finds Cure for Content-Based Collaboration

A U.S.-based private biopharmaceutical company works under a clear goal: to optimize oncology-based therapeutics for patients with significant unmet medical needs. 

"Intralinks is like the iPhone of the business content management solutions. We chose Intralinks because it is a brand name everyone knows and trusts, why would you use a generic Verizon phone if you can go with a brand that is proven?"

– Company Representative, Leading Biotech Firm 

Developing convenient, potent, and cost-effective anti-cancer therapies to enhance patients’ treatment options is central to the company’s work. The biotech also strives to support healthcare in developing countries, supplying superior antibodies to patients where treatment is lacking or unavailable at a very low cost. Due to the nature of the company’s work, advances are based on close collaboration with specialists in different areas around the world. The firm’s important work is rooted in the sharing of highly valuable intellectual property that fuels the advancement of new treatments. 

The Problem

The biotech company used a file sharing solution, Box, before they realized that it did not live up to the company’s content sharing requirements. The company’s experience with the tool was short lived due primarily to two (2) separate incidents where documents were spontaneously deleted from the system.

For example, the first time it happened, the company checked its Box account because they were concerned that someone had either deleted, or worse, stolen their data. Upon further review, it was determined that the information from the company’s Box account had been “spontaneously deleted”. To make matters worse, Box informed the company that there was a restore point within the first 24 hours, but to the extent there were significant changes to the documents during that period then the client was likely to lose updated content with the restore. “We noticed the documents were missing, because these were documents we used every day. When we looked one morning we were like wow – we’re missing one fifth of our documents. You worry that you cannot bring them back, and in this instance there was a large quantity of documents from many different sources across multiple organizations,” said an employee of the firm. The firm estimates that it would have taken a considerable amount of time to get those documents back onto the Box platform, and in some cases back up versions of the documents were not readily available. 

This situation occurred a second time, and again employees were worried that someone might have inadvertently deleted their files. This was not the case, and again the company had to restore the files, “We had to rely on our solution to track our content, because you can’t always remember every piece of content in the system. What if we had lost them permanently?”

The company’s team also frequently needs to share anywhere from 200 documents with a single 50 documents among different people. All with varied levels of permissions and viewing privileges. The company conducted due diligence on Box, and could not identify similar levels of granular controls.

The Implications

The company needed a file sharing solution that offered dynamic control, security, confidentiality and a high degree of usability. The success of their important work was at stake, and dealing with missing or deleted files, lost time in correcting and verifying misplaced versions, was out of the question.

The Solution

The biotech firm decided to make the switch to a reliable and trustworthy solution, Intralinks with extensive experience and expertise in this space. “Intralinks is like the iPhone of business content management solutions,” stated a company representative. “We chose Intralinks because it is a brand name everyone knows and trusts, why would you use a generic phone if you can go with a brand that is proven?”

The Result

The biotech firm has had no problems using Intralinks, and has not lost any data with the solution. Through Intralinks’ userfriendly interface, the firm is now able to securely, and effortlessly collaborate without having to deal with missing or deleted documents. “We often work with three companies at one time, and the way the interface is set up makes it very easy to differentiate between those projects and keep them separate,” the representative said.

An added bonus: The biotech firm is now able to gauge interest levels among their external partners, and to see whom is accessing what information, and when. These are features that the biotech firm said further differentiated Intralinks from Box. “Intralinks is designed with business users in mind,” said the company representative. 

The Benefits

Intralinks provides industry-leading, solid operation and security that is unmatched - especially when compared to any consumer-grade file sharing product. Intralinks’ bulk upload tools also streamline workflow. Easy setup of permissions can allow for one person to access specific documents, and scores of others to have a different set of privileges as needed. “Intralinks offers the dynamic control, security, confidentiality, and high degree of usability that should be the gold standard for biotech — or any industry,” said the customer. 

20 November 2014