Brook Venture Partners & Benchmark International

In early 2014, private equity group Brook Venture Partners acquired DataMentors, a business intelligence company that helps marketers better leverage customer data for personalized offers and campaigns.

Brook Venture Partners learned about this investment opportunity by using Intralinks DealnexusTM, the leading online deal sourcing network. 

"The biggest advantage of using Intralinks Dealnexus? Streamlining the introduction process so we can focus on other aspects of the deal. It makes us 30% more productive with our deal sourcing."

– Peter Collins, Deal Origination Analyst for Brook Venture Partners 

The Situation

When DataMentors LLC, an award-winning data management and business intelligence provider based in Florida, was looking for investors in the next phase of their growth strategy, they turned to Benchmark International, a global M & A advisory firm that has handled more than 500 company sales with an aggregate value over $4 billion. With Big Data market forecasts on the rise, a company like DataMentors was certainly attractive, but finding the perfect buyer among a sea of potential candidates can be an overwhelming process.

Benchmark International utilized a multimedia approach to reach out to their proprietary database of strategic and financial acquirers to share this unique opportunity. To bring additional competitive tension into the sales process, Benchmark International wanted to reach out to potential buyers outside of their usual targets.

Perhaps that "perfect buyer" was not yet on the company’s radar. 

The Solution

Benchmark International Director Kendall Stafford, who was responsible for overseeing the deal from start to finish, created a confidential Blind Deal Profile for DataMentors on Intralinks Dealnexus, the largest global deal sourcing platform for M&A professionals. 

Within minutes, the investment opportunity caught the attention of Peter Collins of Brook Venture Partners, a Boston private equity group focused on high-growth companies in the information technology and medical technology sectors. Collins, a deal origination analyst, had received a Deal Alert from Intralinks Dealnexus. Accessing his Deal Flow Inbox to check out the deal’s details, he realized it would be a perfect fit for Brook Venture Partners.

Intralinks DealNexus’ confidential networking platform -- which connects buyers, sellers, and advisors of mid-market companies -- intelligently brought the right parties together and offered them a secure way to exchange preliminary business documents.

"Without Intralinks Dealnexus, we may not have had the opportunity to meet Peter or Brook Venture Partners," Stafford said.

Collins agrees with that assessment: "We weren’t familiar with the DataMentors deal or Benchmark International, so we would not have found the deal otherwise." 

The Benefits

Benchmark International’s Blind Deal Profile for DataMentors was matched and discretely shared with 153 acquisitive corporations and private equity groups deemed to be high-quality fits, including Brook Venture Partners. Of these potential buyers, dozens expressed interest in the deal before Brook Venture Partners ultimately put it under letter of intent.

"Intralinks Dealnexus exposed a large number of strategic buyers interested in the deal, and allowed us to pick and choose which ones we wanted to share it with," Stafford said. "In addition, by allowing us to disseminate NDAs and teasers through the system, rather than rely on email, we were able to more quickly narrow down the buyer base to a handful of highly interested parties." 

"Intralinks Dealnexus exposed us to numerous buyers such as family offices and private equity groups, so we could pick and choose who we shared our opportunity with."

– Kendall Stafford, Director at Benchmark International