Fundación Pro Bono

Intralinks® facilitates an efficient and secure collaboration platform for Pro Bono Foundation.

Fundación Pro Bono

The Pro Bono Foundation is a non-profit Chilean organization that offers, facilitates, and organizes pro bono opportunities, among legal professionals.

Members of this Foundation provide free legal services to individuals, sectors, or groups in vulnerable situations, as well as micro-entrepreneurs, and social organizations. Founded in 2000, it brings together 36 legal firms, eight corporate legal departments, and 200 volunteer lawyers.


With more than two million legal cases each year and 100 lawyers resolving them month after month, the Pro Bono Foundation was facing the challenge of improving its collaboration processes, as well as facilitating the administration of a significant number of files related to each case.

They tried to achieve this in the past using different platforms. However, these platforms were not that user-friendly or intuitive, so users had difficulties.

Moreover, confidentiality was a key issue in this process. It is possible for Foundation lawyers to be counterparties on cases represented by the Foundation itself; meaning it is critical to create repositories of information accessible only to the parties involved – and these repositories needed to be extremely secure, with access permitted from any part of the world.


As part of its commitment to the guild of lawyers, the Intralinks® Team, Cono Sur SpA, approached the Pro Bono Foundation. With the goal of helping address its needs, they proposed using Intralinks VIA®, its platform for collaboration and enterprise content management.

“Intralinks VIA helped us improve our work processes. The lawyers were accustomed to taking hundreds of files from us that had multiple versions, which consumed time and resources. Intralinks VIA enables us to have only one version of each document in the cloud, keeping a record of each edition, and managing access permits for each document remotely and easily,” said Marcela Fajardo, Director of the Pro Bono Foundation.


The Foundation took only four weeks to become familiar with Intralinks VIA. Since its members began using it, processes have been significantly streamlined. Today, all documents relating to each case are stored in the cloud and can be consulted, shared, and modified online, therefore reducing the amount of time spent on these tasks.

Moreover, there is only one version of each file, and any changes to this version are recorded. In each of these, users can view the changes that were made, as well as who made them and when they were made.

Security for safeguarding the documents has been strengthened, offering higher levels of confidence when exchanging and collaborating on files. The confidentiality of each case is also ensured as follows: Only those authorized by each project leader can access the files.

In addition to secure collaboration, the platform allows users to be mobile. Each one of them can access Intralinks VIA remotely, wherever they may be, and from any mobile device.

“This long term alliance between the Pro Bono Foundation and Intralinks Cono Sur SpA, will help solidify our reputation and credibility with the various organizations we work with, showing that we are a vanguard of the Foundation, working with collaboration tools that are more advanced and more secure,” said its Director.

“An additional advantage is the usability of Intralinks VIA. We do not require system experts or infrastructure investments,” concluded Fajardo.

Today, the Intralinks VIA platform is also used for other Foundation processes, such as distribution of receipts for member donations or contributions, as well as the process of qualifying the award granted each year to Law students.

21 April 2016