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Secure File Sharing for International Commercial Banking

Secure File Sharing for International Commercial Banking

Intralinks® provides software and services to many clients in the financial services industry, which by nature is a highly regulated market that takes confidentiality and security seriously. Although many of our clients are well known global brands, their company policies often prohibit them from participating in vendor case studies or, if they do participate, require anonymity. This case study is just that type, and so we cannot share the organization’s name; we can, however, provide relevant statistics on the organization to show the size and scope of its projects using Intralinks solutions. 

Managing Security Risks & Complex Compliance Processes with Automated Controls & File Encryption

Our client’s information technology (IT) department approved Intralinks for use by internal employees and external parties to share and collaborate on restricted and unrestricted documents. The bank’s primary needs were to introduce automated controls; customize workflows for specific employee activities; and reduce risk by automating strict security protocols based on information type, employee function and security clearance, and the hardware or device being used to access the information. 

Regulatory Compliance

The bank frequently submits information and reports to supervisors and financial regulators. The company needed a way to provide various external organizations with access to information and reports, while retaining control over the data and keeping a detailed audit trail of all files and user activity.

Financial Intelligence Unit

The bank’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) communicates with third-party specialists to conduct market research and compile intelligence reports. The individuals in this unit needed to have a way to securely share information with external research partners and to disseminate confidential reports to internal staff. They needed to retain control over those files even if they were downloaded to local storage or shared with unknown parties. 

Monitor Liaison Office

The bank’s Monitor Liaison Office (MLO) ensures that data are shared in a highly secure manner and that the chain of custody remains visible at all times. The individuals in this unit needed to have a system that could ensure certain information could only be accessed on bank-issued hardware.

Vendor Risk Group Sourcing

Sourcing professionals in the bank’s risk sourcing group manage RFP processes with external vendors around the globe. These individuals needed to have a better way to facilitate communication, organize input, manage commentary and provide support to bank employees and their vendor community.

The Solution

Intralinks executed a multi-stage rollout of its solutions across business units at the bank and customized its platform for each functional group.

Regulatory Compliance:

Robust enterprise-grade security protections allow bank employees to safely share files with external supervisors and regulators while the Intralinks platform automatically maintains an auditable log file of all user and file-related activity.


Currently the bank uses Intralinks to share information with third parties globally. Soon the bank will be leveraging the Intralinks platform to distribute intelligence reports. The Intralinks solution allows FIU to have access to full audit reports that show all user activity on the Intralinks platform, ensuring that all of the unit’s materials and information are handled appropriately.


The versatility of the Intralinks platform made it possible to offer the bank custom solutions for the MLO’s workflows, to maintain the chain of custody and ensure personnel can only access documents through bank-approved hardware and devices.

Vendor Risk Group Sourcing:

To facilitate the bank’s ability to manage RFP processes, Intralinks was able to customize features to enhance communication, organize input and manage commentary.

19 August 2016