N&W Global Vending

N&W Global Vending used Intralinks to share sensitive company information with potential buyers of the company


N&W Global Vending is a world leading manufacturer of automatic snack and beverage vending machines. As well as establishing itself as a leader in this space, N&W Global Vending also has a major international presence in the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant and café) and office coffee services sectors.

Innovation is a core aspect of N&W Global Vending’s business plan, and the company invests heavily in research and development (R&D). The R&D team at N&W Global Vending consists of 100 people who are dedicated to developing new technologies within these sectors.


Facing a company acquisition, N&W Global Vending required a secure virtual data room to share sensitive company information with prospective buyers, legal and financial consultants, and sponsors.

Protecting sensitive information, such as R&D documents, customer agreements and commercial data, was critical. In particular, details of the company’s ongoing research and innovation projects needed securely protecting, as well as company financial information. Highly sensitive documents could not fall into the view of competitors.

In addition, N&W Global Vending required various levels of document access to ensure only certain individuals could view and download specific files for security reasons. Therefore, N&W Global Vending required a solution that provided a high standard of information control and protection.


As a former Intralinks customer, the N&W Global Vending team knew that Intralinks’ capacity to create multiple levels of access to documents made it a superior solution to alternative virtual data room providers.


The N&W Global Vending virtual data room was set up and populated within two days, with the team creating different access levels for employees, company’s lawyers, consultants and sponsors. Intralinks’ features and functionality enabled N&W Global Vending to decide who is allowed to print, download or read online documents.

Because of these detailed and configurable security controls, the N&W Global Vending team knew they could upload and share all manner of confidential information to Intralinks’ platform, 80% of which was deemed highly sensitive. 

Intralinks also helped to increase the N&W Global Vending team’s productivity. Instead of sharing highly sensitive information many times over channels like email, having an Intralinks data room meant information was shared only once, and in a more secure environment.

Finally, knowing Intralinks’ 24/7 customer services team was on hand to support the N&W Global Vending team on any urgent matters in the local language was very reassuring.

Based on the success of this project, N&W Global Vending recommends Intralinks to anyone involved in strategic transactions.

“The security controls provided by Intralinks reassured our team. We knew the right people were viewing and downloading our sensitive information – and we could control how they handled these documents. Our IP and financial information were safe in Intralinks’ hands.”

“Intralinks helped us to close the deal faster by making us more productive. Set up took little time. Getting the deal done was a lot easier.”

– Gaia Vincenti, Legal Counsel, N&W Global Vending