Top Ten Global Bank Securely Extends Internal Content Systems

Top Ten Global Bank uses Intralinks

A World Financial Powerhouse

A top-ten global bank with an integrated, multi-strategy alternatives platform for institutional investors was facing a number of operational challenges as it looked to continue growing its business. Established in 1812, in recent times the bank found itself with an expanding investor base and increased demand for more transparency. The bank was facing a number of challenges in its ability to provide a world-class reporting system for its investors.

The Problem

The bank was outgrowing its existing infrastructure to the point that its platform had a myriad of shortcomings. The company had already substantially invested in a number of internal enterprise systems — including SharePoint, Oracle and Salesforce — that it needed to leverage. But these provided no way to securely extend fund information and requested data to external users beyond the firewall. Marketing also needed to be addressed. The bank needed a way to manage the sales process with a collaboration tool that would integrate into their current CRM system. Lastly, the company needed a unified interface that would give its investors access to a host of information across multiple funds.

The Implications

Maintaining three internal enterprise systems meant the bank would have to maintai multiple sign-ons for each system, creating redundant and inefficient workflows. But

they still needed to leverage all three systems so as not to lose on their investment. Since this existing platform no longer proved to be an efficient, secure or streamlined process for investor communications and reporting, the bank needed a turnkey and effective collaboration manager that could securely aid reporting, marketing and sales, and minimize additional workloads on internal staff.

The Solution

After considering a number of internal and external options, the bank selected Intralinks as its primary secure communication and collaboration hub for both investors and prospects. The bank’s current investors were already familiar with Intralinks, so there was no learning curve in acquiring this unified interface for communicating fund performance and portfolio information. The Intralinks platform could also integrate into existing Salesforce and SharePoint systems… and allow the bank to manage sales with a collaboration tool that worked with their CRM and content management applications. Best of all, the Intralinks solution was security compliant.

The Result

In the end, the bank’s use of Intralinks meant it now had a multi-functional, secure solution to meet the requirements of its sales, marketing and operational teams and investors. Internal and external teams could collaborate, manage, report and distribute data — in addition to just documentation — by seamlessly integrating into the bank’s three enterprise platforms. Marketing teams could manage sales within their CRM system.

The Benefits

Intralinks’ user base includes the vast majority of the world’s leading institutional investors. The firm was able to provide its investors with a communications platform that they were already comfortable using. Intralinks’ solution provided them with a unified interface, and the Salesforce and SharePoint connectors provided the firm a way to maintain its investments in its existing CRM and data warehousing systems — while still maintaining that single sign-on efficiency for its internal users. In addition, the solution’s integrated dashboard capabilities enabled their users to view key data in a rich set of charts, graphs and tables. The company’s sales and investor relations teams desire to have an internal investor intelligence solution was also met through Intralinks’ advanced user access reports, which provide critical insight into prospects’ interest levels and commitments. The entire solution was enhanced by heightened information security tools. Features such as Intralinks’ advanced watermarking and information rights management now provided the bank with a safe, controlled and compliant way to communicate with its investors.

24 August 2016