A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Collaboration Solutions

Selecting the secure and reliable solution that meets your business’s needs

Today, virtual enterprise collaboration is a must-have, and there are many solutions of varying quality and capability to choose from. Given this, information technology managers must guide their companies to find the balance between powerful security and creative freedom for data sharing and collaboration.

Companies need to share data, processes and content across silos, internally, among departments. They must also collaborate externally, with partners, consultants and clients. Simultaneously, many industries face strict data privacy regulations, and violating these rules could result in fines or legal action. And it is vital for competitive firms to protect sensitive intellectual property from rivals.

Yet, overall, when it comes to buying IT solutions, many business line leaders bypass the chief information officer. In fact, by 2017, Gartner claims that the chief marketing officer (CMO) will spend more on IT than the CIO. Both managers and employees are frequently turning to cloud solutions to solve their problems — without IT vetting. Using substandard consumer storage or file sync and share (FSS) applications or services can result in the leakage of sensitive data and content.

The Better Way for Enterprise Collaboration

For regulated industries (such as finance, law, and life sciences) the key drivers for selecting a collaboration solution should be security, compliance and risk management. Simultaneously, the solution should allow complete freedom for authorized users to collaborate creatively — without feeling constrained by IT rigidity.

The key is to select those solutions that both satisfy rigorous privacy and security demands — but enable the flexibility for true collaboration. Are you looking for a way to find such a solution? Then we invite you to look at our Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Collaboration Solutions and let us share some exciting and interesting ideas and advice with you.

We believe this guide contains the critical questions you must ask any potential collaboration solutions provider.

17 October 2014