Cass Research Report: Masters of the Deal - Part 1

A new research study by Cass Business School, London and Intralinks®

Corporate M&A strategies are under the spotlight as the M&A market recovery begins to gather pace. How do some firms create market-beating shareholder value from M&A?

With findings based on an unprecedented 20-year research study of the M&A activity of 25,000+ global firms, this report provides essential and actionable insights that should inform your corporate M&A strategy, and will answer key questions such as:

  • What are the real relationships between M&A activity and shareholder value creation?
  • How does value creation from acquisitions differ from divestments?
  • What M&A strategies should firms pursue depending on their maturity?
  • How can young firms beat the market through M&A?
  • What does a value-maximising M&A strategy for a more mature firm look like?
  • Which M&A strategies result in underperformance?


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10 November 2014