Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor Q2 2016

Plan, source, and execute on deals with the unparalleled advantage of a highly accurate forecast of M&A activity six months before anyone else. Use the DFP. Get a look ahead. Or get left behind.

Get the H1 2016 forecast, along with:

  • The reasons behind the surge in megadeals (over US$10 billion) – and why 2016 could see fewer of them
  • A snapshot of almost 1,000 new actionable deal opportunities added in Q4 2015 to Intralinks Dealnexus® online deal-sourcing network
  • An exclusive interview with Dr J. Keith Dunbar, founder and CEO of M&A consulting firm Potentious, on identifying leadership areas and competencies

And more. Don't miss this opportunity to get a six-month jump on global M&A activity. 

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The Deal Flow Predictor

For almost two decades, we’ve been the world’s leading provider of Virtual Data Rooms supporting M&A transactions. With the DFP we provide a comprehensive data snapshot of activities by both region and market sector.

The DFP tracks early-stage M&A globally including:

  • Sell-side M&A mandates
  • Deals reaching due diligence

This gives you a unique view of M&A activity levels across the globe and in your region.

Accurate predictions

The Intralinks DFP has been independently verified as an accurate predictor of future changes in the number of announced global M&A transactions, with QoQ percentage changes in the Intralinks DFP typically being reflected on average six months later in announced deal volumes, as reported by Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters data on announced deals has been adjusted for subsequent increases in reported announced deal volumes.

8 January 2016