Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor for Q3 2017

Plan, source and execute on deals using our global and regional M&A predictions for the first nine months of 2017. Or get left behind.

Included in this report:

  • Global and regional M&A predictions for the first nine months of 2017

  • The Intralinks Dealnexus® Mid-Market Monitor: a global snapshot of new, actionable buy-side and sell-side M&A opportunities

  • A heat map of the most – and least – active sectors for M&A in your region

  • A feature on how increased shareholder activism is affecting corporate M&A activity

About the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor

The Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor forecasts the volume of future M&A announcements by tracking early-stage M&A activity – sell-side M&A transactions across the world that are in the preparation stage or have reached the due diligence stage. These early-stage deals are, on average, six months away from their public announcement.

Accurate predictions

The Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor has been independently verified as an accurate six-month predictor of future changes in the worldwide volume (number) of announced M&A transactions, as reported by Thomson Reuters. The Thomson Reuters data on announced deal volumes for the past four quarters has been adjusted by Intralinks for expected subsequent changes in reported announced deal volumes in Thomson Reuters’ database.

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18 April 2017