Webinar Replay: “Drug Safety in Start-up Biotech”

When and how should a biopharma start-up consider establishing their own Medical Safety group? The opportunities and challenges differ greatly between an emerging biopharma company and a fully established entity. A start-up needs to assess the priorities of the company, the stage of development, the talents and resources available while building for success into submission, approval and through to commercialization.

Join Dr. Ed Tucker as he takes us along this journey with lessons learnt from both an organizational and personal perspective.

As a medical science leader with 26 years of experience, Ed will illustrate specific start-up needs, including how to mitigate inherent risks and lay out foundational principles to creating a medical safety group to meet the evolutionary steps of a startup biopharma company.

Webinar at a Glance

Title Drug Safety in Start-up Biotech
Ed Tucker, Senior Vice President for Medical Safety, Quality and Compliance, Acerta (a majority owned company of AstraZeneca)

60 minutes

19 January 2017