Webinar Replay: Data Security in 2014 – Will 2015 be even worse?

Graham Cluley reviews the biggest computer security stories of 2014 and makes his predictions about the potential headline-grabbing threats coming in 2015.

With over 300,000 new pieces of malware created every day, your company's data has never been at greater risk. If it wasn't bad enough staying on top of new zero-day vulnerabilities, targeted attacks, and revelations of state-sponsored espionage, employees are potentially exposing your organization’s information by using consumer-grade cloud services that don’t employ enterprise-level security.

Watch this 45-minute webinar recording to learn about:

  • A look back at the bugs, breaches, and targeted attacks that made headlines in 2014 
  • Predictions for the data security issues to watch for in 2015
  • Recommendations for what organizations can do to defend themselves
9 January 2015