Webinar Replay: “Don’t Go Rogue – Take Control of Your File Sharing”

Be honest: You don’t know how your employees are sharing sensitive information with outside the corporate firewall.

You’re not alone.

Half of respondents to a recent Ponemon Research survey acknowledged they don’t have visibility into how employees are using file-sharing applications. Cloud collaboration solutions make your business more productive, but without proper controls they can quickly lead to data loss, security breaches, and regulatory failures.

In this webinar Rajneesh Chopra and Todd Partridge will help you understand the art of safe sharing, including:

  • How to uncover unsafe file sharing applications being used in the organization – and how to make them secure
  • Ways of enforcing regulatory compliance and governance across the enterprise, to ensure that information is always within your control
  • Approaches that will help support pending data privacy legislation

9 September 2015