Webinar Replay: Regulatory Risk Management

In the new global, hyper-regulated environment, the rules are changing daily. The only constant is a steadily increasing pressure on risk and compliance professionals to do more. Clearly, a risk management program is essential.

Incidents like the Panama Papers have refocused attention on financial regulation. The U.S. Treasury department recently launched a new crackdown on money laundering, requiring more due diligence on the parts of financial institutions.

Banking and financial services companies in particular are faced with increased scrutiny – and cross-border collaboration with international regulators adds another level of complication.

Recently an expert panel convened to discuss what the new regulatory intensity means to risk and compliance officers and financial institutions. Watch this replay and learn:

  • What firms need to do to comply with new regulation
  • What tools are needed
  • The potential pitfalls

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29 June 2016