Webinar Replay: Top Five Best Practices for Post-Merger Integration: Two – People

In the second chapter in our webinar series, Intralinks’ Ben Collins will review how having the right set of employees spearheading post-merger integration is an essential ingredient to PMI success. 

Find out: 

  • How to identify the team lead and core team that should drive the project 
  • How to determine the key milestones that will keep the project on track 
  • The importance of a centralized repository in keeping the team aligned and accountable 

Identifying the right set of employees to spearhead PMI during the preparation stage is an essential ingredient to PMI success.  Formally designating an integration team lead is the first step.  Ideally this individual has proficiency leading these type of initiatives, as experience matters.  The integration management officer (IMO) should then start assembling a small subset of trusted cross-functional leaders who will serve as the core team driving the project.  This group will set the direction for the enterprise-wide PMI effort, track milestone progress, and ensure accountability.  It’s equally important that the team is working from the same source of information and creating a centralized repository allows for this content exchange.

11 August 2016