BCBS 239: Accelerating Compliance

How to accelerate enterprise compliance with BCBS 239 data governance and infrastructure principles

Effective January, 2016, systemically important and other large banks must comply with BCBS 239 at an estimated cost in excess of $8b US over the period 2014-2019. In fact, the most recent BCBS Progress Report shows 50% reported material non-compliance with many of the overarching governance and infrastructure principles which will drive enterprise-wide projects for years to come.

This paper addresses the following challenges:

  • Lack of standardized best practices to control and secure data aggregation and reporting
  • Overcoming disparate and redundant technology platforms
  • Information barriers created by business unit silos and geographical dispersion
  • Securitizing content in motion when sharing with external parties
  • Complying with new and evolving regulatory standards and laws
  • Strained compliance and IT budgets 

Download this white paper to learn more about navigating through this rapidly evolving data governance and infrastructure landscape.

17 February 2016