Report: Data Privacy and Digital Transformation – The Next Steps

Data privacy has become a boardroom issue as governments take steps to protect citizen data and guard national security interests. The consequences for global organizations are significant, with new laws impacting established business processes and threatening severe fines for non-compliance. How should business leaders react?

The Economist interviewed legal, business and technology leaders to understand how data privacy will change the way organizations conduct business, share information and collaborate effectively. Participants include:

  • Giovanni Buttarelli, European data protection supervisor
  • Martin Fanning, partner and data privacy expert, Dentons
  • David McCue, senior executive advisor, Xerox
  • Zoe Strickland, global chief privacy officer, JPMorgan Chase
  • Jeb Weisman, chief information officer, Children's Health Fund
  • Eugene Weitz, general counsel, Americas, SAI Global
  • Robin Wilton, director, Trust and Identity team, The Internet Society

Download the report to read the results and explore the challenges that global businesses face when addressing the complex and fluctuating policy environment. Learn about a set off best practices companies can follow to meet evolving privacy and security demands. 

13 May 2016