Establishing an Investor-Focused Reporting Program

In a recent study carried out by Intralinks, only one percent of institutional investors had a preference for hard copy reports, yet 13 percent of them still receive their reports in this way. 

These survey results show a clear lack of alignment between how investors currently receive information and how they would like to receive information from Private Equity firms.

In the current market environment it is more important than ever that private equity companies establish good relationships with investors and ensure that the services provided meet their needs. One simple way in which a private equity firm can enhance investor services is to develop a more efficient and client-friendly method of reporting to investors.

In June 2010 Preqin and Intralinks conducted a study of institutional investors to provide private equity fi rms with an insight into investors’ experiences and preferences for accessing, receiving and managing fund documentation. Of the 164 global investors surveyed as part of the study, 73% have more than $200 million currently invested in private equity. This report will analyze the survey results and explore the ways in which private equity firms can better align services with investor requirements in the context of the current private equity market

16 October 2014