Intralinks® for Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs)

FIUs use Intralinks to control and securely share sensitive business documents around the world for activities such as performing risk assessments, conducting investigations, and supporting litigation.


With heightened global regulatory scrutiny, large multi-national banks are establishing Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) to reduce their risk exposure to criminals, terrorists, and other bad actors. FIUs detect, investigate, analyze, and disseminate sensitive information in a timely manner to support the investigation of fi nancial crimes. Record-setting, multi-billion dollar sanctions have been handed down to banks involved in such activities; and even more harmful than monetary or criminal penalties was the negative publicity that damaged brand image and diminished customer trust.

Today’s financial crimes tend to be global, sophisticated, and more damaging than ever before. Organizations need to control and securely share large volumes of business documents within and outside the organization. However, many firms lack the tools and resources to expedite and accurately document the complex processes performed by FIUs, such as a secure central repository for analyst reports and a controlled channel for their dissemination.

Business Needs

FIUs must collect, distribute, and analyze information much of which is highly sensitive. Developing and administering an environment that ensures confidentiality is critical. Specifically, Case Analysts must safely store, access, and archive case-related material including finalized Intelligence Reports, which must be securely disseminated to relevant stakeholders.

Many firms have not yet taken steps to meet these requirements. Frequently, files are unencrypted and may be delivered through unsecured channels like postal mail, courier, email, USB flash drives, and FTP.

FIU activities may also lack the documentation to show what information was reviewed and shared, the actions taken, the timing, and the personnel involved. Without this evidence, stakeholders lack independently authenticated supporting information which may raise questions about the validity of the conclusions.

How Intralinks Can Help

Used by more than 75% of the largest US and European banking and securities firms, Intralinks enables companies to manage complex investigations quickly and efficiently. Our time-tested secure platform controls document sharing and provides state-of-the-art tools for oversight, monitoring and dissemination.

Securely publish material in a highly controlled environment

  • Confidently publish files with proven security and encryption
  • Reduce the risk of leaking of sensitive or confidential documents
  • Seamlessly exchange information with content management systems

Take complete control of your business documents

  • Control access at multiple levels with auditable controls
  • Automatically generate daily compliance activity reports
  • Monitor in real time when files are added, deleted, edited or shared

Streamline collaboration

  • Access files anytime, anywhere through mobile applications
  • Accelerate productivity and improve accuracy with Workspace and folder constructs to classify and organize files
  • Replace hard copies with a controlled, collaborative digital environment

Rapid rollout, ready-to-go

  • Rapidly deploy Workspaces and provision internal/external users based on changing business requirements using a safe, flexible SaaS model
  • Improve IT efficiency through an easy set-up that requires little IT involvement and no increase in infrastructure or support costs

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28 December 2015