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Intralinks for the Marketing Department

Intralinks® give Marketing departments freedom to work, share, and play 

For the Marketing department, the key challenge is trying to manage an array of complex projects at once in the most efficient and timely way.

When managing a project, Marketing teams need to maintain full control over the content even after it travels outside the firewall. Marketing teams need a reliable collaboration tool to efficiently and securely share even the most sensitive marketing content and, ideally would have a way to retract the information completely and permanently once the project or campaign is over. Therefore, a reliable collaboration tool is needed to efficiently and securely conduct all marketing activities. They say content is king – but if your content isn’t protected, it’s a king with no clothes. 

Download the Intralinks for Marketing department use case and learn how:

  • Intralinks solves the issues arising from sharing sensitive files with vendors
  • Intralinks maintains one version of the truth when it comes to integrated campaign planning
  • Intralinks can provide a more efficient way to edit, update, and distribute sales enablement tools so they can be rapidly deployed
  • To take control of all your digital assets and have no qualms about sending large size files with tracking edits/changes 
  • To sleep soundly at night knowing your Marketing budget is protected and your content is shared with the right stakeholders.