Intralinks VIA® for Managing Regulatory Examinations

The strategic importance of a structured, collaborative examination process is higher than ever.


In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis regulatory exams have become increasingly demanding for governance, risk, and compliance professionals. New rules brought about by the Dodd-Frank Act will continue to shape future examinations including safety and soundness, compliance, market conduct, and risk-based targeted exams. We can expect these changes will require examiners to spend more time onsite, request more documents, and extend the scope and/or depth of their examinations. This means it is more important than ever to avoid the classic mistake of sharing examination documents through ad-hoc, manual processes and delivering highly sensitive data through unsecured channels like mail, e-mail, thumb drives, and FTP. In response to these increasing burdens financial institutions are looking to take control with a more structured, collaborative process for collecting, refining, and submitting regulatory information. 

Business Needs

The strategic importance of a controlled, collaborative examination process is higher than ever, which is why many financial services firms wisely designate an exam manager to coordinate internal teams and work closely with the examiners. This exam manager is responsible for making sure the organization is well prepared – a challenge growing ever-more complex by constantly evolving federal and state regulations. A successful exam outcome requires a controlled document review process that is streamlined and secure, efficient, and exact. Without complete control, financial institutions face serious consequences:

  • Sensitive and confidential documents may be lost, leaked, or compromised during delivery
  • Examiners may raise concerns over inaccurate, incomplete, incorrect, or missing data
  • Organization may waste time, effort, and staffing resources to resolve issues
  • Examination may be extended due to delays in locating, reviewing, and delivering materials
  • Institution may face penalties or fines if issues are not resolved in a timely manner

How Intralinks® can help

Used by 99% of Fortune 1000 companies, Intralinks delivers over 18 years of experience in time-tested secure collaboration across organizations and a compliance model for the lifetime management of your content. Intralinks VIA enables governance, risk, and compliance professionals to stay in control of the regulatory examination process from day one. Intralinks VIA helps manage risk and ensure compliance while accelerating productivity with minimal reliance on your IT team, ensuring examiners receive the documents they need – when they need them.

Control document sharing with real-time monitoring

  • Provision access to documents controlling what is shared, when, and with whom
  • Evidence who has viewed, downloaded, and edited documents
  • Perform reviews using audit trails of document changes, user ID’s, dates and times
  • Retain current and previous versions and corresponding comments
  • Remove individual user access to specific documents, even after they’ve been downloaded

Securely share documents with internal and external parties

  • Share confidently with time-tested, comprehensive security and encryption
  • Invite examiners to collaborate – yet only grant document access when it is ready
  • Seamlessly exchange information between Intralinks and existing content management systems

Streamline exam management process

  • Accelerate productivity and accuracy with Workspace and folder constructs to classify documents and organize examiner requests
  • Manage Workspaces with centralized administration or allow users to administer their own

A better examination partnership

  • Give examiners confidence in the financial institution and increase goodwill with the exam manager with Intralinks’ controlled, collaborative process
  • Spend less time tracking down missing documents and revising inaccurate findings
  • Improve ability to meet document turnaround times required by examiners – and reduce the amount of time examiners stay on-site

Rapid rollout ready to go

  • Rapidly deploy new Workspaces and provision internal/external users based on changing business requirements using a safe, flexible Software-as-a-Service model
  • Improve IT efficiency through easy onboarding and set-up that requires little IT involvement – and no increases in infrastructure or support costs
  • Reduce manual activities and errors thanks to proven integration with enterprise content management systems
26 October 2015