Las reestructuraciones en el mercado de hoy — en Inglés

Este documento informativo también ofrece una visión general de las tendencias actuales en materia de restructuración en EE. UU. y Europa.

Clearly, time is particularly of the essence in today’s restructuring market. 

Liquidity constraints, risk-averse lenders, falling profitably and general market uncertainty are all beleaguering businesses across the globe. As a result, the timeframe for stabilising operations, collating an information base, bringing in advisers and mapping out a rigorous restructuring framework has never been so compressed for companies entering a restructuring process.

Indeed, the research shows that a significant 84% of survey respondents believe the current economic environment has significantly (41%) or very significantly (43%) reduced the timeframe for planning a restructuring compared to 12 months ago. Moreover, nearly one half of those surveyed (48%) believe the compressed timeframe for planning will impact on the longer term chances for the success of the restructuring. And nearly two thirds of respondents (62%) say the quickly changing environment is impacting the accuracy and timeliness of information needed for a restructuring. As such, when a company enters restructuring situation, stakeholders highly value managing the workout process in the most time efficient way.

In addition to our survey, the white paper also includes an overview of the current restructuring trends in the US and Europe. Chief among these are increasingly complex debt and equity structures and the growing diversity of stakeholders in terms of both their interests and agendas. Consequently, there is an acute need for a secure and structured communication platform during the workout process – an overwhelming 98% of survey respondents indicate that organised and secure communication can help when restructuring a business. This need is driving an increased adoption of technology in restructurings as the parties involved aim to effectively manage and streamline the process.

16 October 2014