Managing Data in a New Financial World

How FSI players in Asia Pacific can accelerate compliance with new data governance requirements

Set against the backdrop of heading aggressively towards digital transformation, the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific region is under pressure to introduce and implement new regulatory reforms and compliance rules to ensure transparency, accountability and, ultimately, risk mitigation.

New ways to generate, store and use data will test the boundaries of data governance and compliance in this digital economy. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting – BCBS 239 – is one such global framework already ensuring that major banks have sound data governance in place.

Relevant to all compliance officers and legal and M&A experts in the financial services industry, this white paper, “BCBS 239: Accelerating Compliance in Asia Pacific,” addresses new expectations of how major banks in the region can move quickly toward required data governance, including: 

  • Meeting new data compliance challenges in a digital economy
  • Understanding new operational challenges in a digital banking environment
  • Determining whether technology is an enabler or hindrance to data governance
  • Deploying best practices in building a robust data governance framework

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20 September 2016