Intralinks for Alternative Investments

Intralinks for Alternative Investments

In 2016, Intralinks facilitated more than $1 out of every $2 raised globally for private equity.

Fund managers have to share sensitive information with regulators, portfolio companies and limited partners, but need to keep documents secure and confidential.

That’s where Intralinks comes in. We provide the leading investor communications platform for private equity and hedge fund professionals with the largest hosted community of general and limited partners for the alternative investments industry.

In 2016, $317 billion of capital was raised using our platform - that’s over half of all funds raised globally. See what we can do for your business.

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The fundraising environment is more challenging than ever with increased competition, longer timelines and greater investor demands for fund-related information. In today’s high-pressure environment, Intralinks can help you:

  • Close your fund more quickly and efficiently
  • Raise capital from high-quality investors
  • Gather intelligence and gauge investor interest levels
  • Market your brand
  • Protect sensitive documents              

Manage the deal lifecycle.

Intralinks enables you to manage the entire deal process while maintaining full control of high-risk information. The end result? Close deals faster and smarter by streamlining operations, reducing risk and improving client experiences. Use Intralinks to: 

  • Improve deal sourcing and marketing
  • Master deal management
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Execute post-merger integrations
  • Manage portfolio company exits
  • Handle portfolio company reporting

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Investor reporting and client communication Phone

Investor reporting and client communication.

For an alternative investment fund manager, there’s no shortage of regulatory concerns or investors’ requests for information – and the two don’t always play nicely together. Security, compliance and accessibility are paramount. Fortunately, Intralinks can help you on all fronts: 

  • Improve investor communication
  • Increase transparency
  • Promote your brand
  • Maintain control over sensitive information

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