Intralinks for Banking Risk and Compliance

Manage risk. Don’t let risk manage you.

The global financial crisis of 2008 generated intense public skepticism of financial services markets and catalyzed unprecedented amounts of regulatory change, including new global and domestic oversight entities. The increased scrutiny has heightened CEO and board-level awareness, while the ever-growing cost of compliance continues to adversely impact investor returns. Operationalizing these regulatory and compliance requirements is challenging. That’s where Intralinks comes in.

We provide a secure SaaS platform configurable for a broad range of risk and compliance requirements from program support through proactive intelligence gathering and investigations.

"Intralinks had a very user friendly platform, which allowed us to quickly upload documents in a very agile manner. We could do it while handling high volumes of accounting and financial information."

Diana Carolina Diaz Tellez, Investor Relations, Banco Davivienda

Regulatory risk management.

Risk and compliance professionals are challenged by an endless flow of regulatory changes impacting their enterprise risk profile. Failure to understand the scope of these changes and operational impacts may significantly increase your firm’s exposure to real compliance risk.

While the stakes are rising, risk and compliance professionals are tasked to do more with limited resources and budgets. Intralinks helps you:

  • Standardize enterprise-wide compliance information sharing
  • Enable global financial intelligence units to detect money laundering and other sources of risk
  • Manage high-risk financial investigations in partnership with internal teams, outside advisors and regulators
  • Reduce vendor risk and improve third-party risk management by securitizing the flow of confidential and personally identifiable information 

Information governance.

The global financial crisis revealed the need for banks to improve their ability to collect and report data, regardless of location or format. Many believe the lack of reporting capabilities contributed to the length and severity of the financial crisis. Intralinks enables you to:

  • Standardize best practices to control and secure data aggregation and reporting
  • Eliminate business and geographical silos
  • Reduce turnaround time for document request

External monitors.

Firms often find selecting and working with an external compliance monitor to be a challenging and intimidating process. Once hired, it is critical to have the proper infrastructure to securely share confidential documents that are accurate, timely and complete, or you run the risk of non-compliance. Intralinks enables banks to gather and distribute business documents to court-ordered independent monitors, while providing tight control over access permissions. Use Intralinks to:

  • Improve efficiency and responsiveness to monitor requests
  • Enable auditable and secure management of monitor workflows

Regulatory reporting.

In a rapidly changing regulatory environment, communicating mandatory information to regulators can be both a significant operational burden and a risk to financial institutions that fail to carefully control the process. Gaps in regulatory reporting processes can lead to leakage of high-risk information, inaccurate submissions and loss of regulator confidence. Intralinks provides structure for this process by allowing banks to:

  • Maintain ongoing exam and audit readiness
  • Securely work with internal stakeholders and key external partners to assemble highly sensitive regulatory information
  • Easily submit required information with a strong audit trail

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