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Insurance firms face intense pressure to accelerate business velocity and improve customer engagement, while maintaining compliance with a web of complex regulations. Controlled information sharing is at the heart of most insurance activities, from operations to corporate development, risk and compliance. 

Sharing information is a critical business requirement. But uncontrolled, it becomes a regulatory and business risk. Leading firms leverage information sharing and collaboration in a highly controlled manner to develop new revenue sources, reduce operational expense and improve customer experiences all while reducing risk.

“There’s been a 30- 35% improvement in productivity because of how Intralinks VIA presents documents.”

Andrew Tatton, IT Director, Fresh Insurance Group

Personal and commercial lines.

Good communication is the cornerstone of loyal and rewarding relationships with customers and channel partners. Intralinks helps you cultivate healthy relationships, increase operational efficiency and reduce regulatory risk by better managing information exchange. Use our platform to:

  • Enhance customer communications
  • Manage broker and direct policy submissions
  • Maintain regulated information exchange
  • Streamline case management activities
  • Implement an eDelivery Platform
  • Process policies
  • Manage vendor relations
  • Enforce information governance policies
  • Replace USB drives and other unsecure storage methods

Insurance-linked securities and reinsurance operations.

We like to keep risk to a minimum, and we’re sure that you do to. Intralinks enhances financial innovation and convergence between the insurance industry and capital markets, and simplifies the entire risk transfer execution process. Our platform accelerates and streamlines ILS and reinsurance transactions, from deal structuring to marketing and reporting. Use Intralinks for:

  • Catastrophe Bonds
  • Sidecars
  • Life Insurance Securitization
  • Reinsurance Portals

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Risk and Compliance.

What’s the best way to manage intensifying regulatory risk and compliance demands? Increase transparency, secure regulated information exchange and enable controlled sharing of high-risk documents. That's where we excel. Use the Intralinks platform to:

  • Manage regulatory and compliance risk
  • Anti-money laundering and other financial crimes
  • Reduce vendor risk and enhance third-party management
  • Handle regulatory submissions document exchange
  • Oversee data governance programs

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Team collaboration and communication is vital to successful marketing initiatives. Across the customer lifecycle, Intralinks helps you support business units, develop new revenue growth channels and improve the digital journey for customers. Our platform excels at enabling you to:

  • Manage interactive customer communications
  • Maintain channel information exchange
  • Oversee strategic campaign planning
  • Coordinate digital asset collaboration
  • Serve as an eDistibution platform

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Corporate Development

Provide corporate development teams with secure tools optimized for each phase of the M&A deal lifecycle, including a living archive of deal opportunities, opportunity pipeline transparency and streamlined deal team collaboration.

Use Intralinks for:

  • Deal sourcing and marketing
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Due diligence for strategic transactions
  • Clean rooms and post-merger integration

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Finance, Legal and Human Resources

When it comes to handling financial data, legal documents and employee information, maintaining the highest security standards is paramount. Intralinks empowers business teams to collaborate with key internal and external partners on even the most sensitive and regulated documents, such as tax data, corporate strategy plans and sensitive HR records. Use Intralinks to:

  • Secure the audit management process
  • Manage compensation planning and analysis
  • Maintain electronic employee files
  • Streamline contract management

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