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Frictionless alternatives to risky file sharing solutions.

The Intralinks platform is a secure and extensible alternative for enterprises to both risky consumer-grade cloud file-sharing solutions and complex custom projects. With over 20 years in health care, financial services and other highly regulated industries without a single data breach, Intralinks is the most trusted platform you can trust.

“We have measured an ROI for an investment in Intralinks to about 15 percent improvement in our revenue stream which we can directly attribute to Intralinks. Intralinks is our exclusive and preferred provider because it provides a secure and risk-free solution in the cloud.”

Ashish Shah, President of SNS Technologies

SharePoint® & ECM externalization.

Your company has deployed one or more systems of record for important content. Use Intralinks to create a Content Collaboration Network™ and unlock the value of your information repositories in a secure, hassle-free environment.

  • Leverage Intralinks ECM connectors to provide external user access and avoid costly custom solutions
  • Validate processes with metadata mapping whenever you share content from your systems of record
  • Use intuitive Workspace models to provide cross-functional teams with easy file access while avoiding complex permissions and inflexible folder hierarchies

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Secure collaboration

"Shadow IT" solutions put your business at risk – but that’s what your users will turn to if they aren’t given another choice. Provide them with a better, user-friendly alternative that meets your strict security and compliance requirements.

  • Simplify and secure your systems with a single point of control over users, files and access permissions
  • Use Intralinks UNshare™ to instantly revoke user access to content, even after it’s been shared
  • Provide anywhere, any device, anytime file access without the need for a VPN
  • Manage permissions at the organization, Workspace, folder and file level
  • Automatically maintain full audit trails to stay compliant with internal and external information governance policies

FTP & secure email alternative.

FTP connections are notoriously troublesome, and email is limited by file size restrictions. Upgrade to a more modern and user-friendly solution to reliably synchronize large and highly sensitive files.

  • Make VPN a thing of the past
  • Maintain control over files, even after they’re shared
  • Eliminate mailbox limits, FTP site setup and other IT challenges 

Removable media & USB replacement

Prevent data leakage by blocking access to removable storage media such as memory sticks, SD cards and external hard drives.

  • Enjoy an intuitive, user friendly interface
  • Set up your Intralinks system quickly and easily
  • Enable sharing of large files

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