Intralinks for Marketing

Collaborate creatively and confidently with internal and external teams.

To craft and deliver innovative messaging and powerful branding, marketing professionals need to share and collaborate on sensitive, proprietary and regulated information with a broad range of external parties, including PR firms, marketing agencies, consultants and vendors. To maintain regulatory compliance, they must also control how they share information and customer-facing content with internal audiences, such as corporate and field teams. Collaboration is central to their mission, but the risk of information leaks and data breaches threatens marketing departments with business damage and regulatory actions.

Intralinks combines an intuitive user interface with leading security and risk safeguards. Our platform is trusted by the most-regulated and IP-intensive global enterprises, and we can help you protect sensitive information while improving team productivity. Use Intralinks for:

  • Vendor management
  • Campaign planning
  • Sales enablement
  • Marketing content management
  • Digital asset transfer
  • Budget management
  • Translation management

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