Intralinks for Partner and Vendor Collaboration

Intralinks for Partner and Vendor Collaboration

Communicate easily, build stronger relationships and cultivate trust.

Firms face the challenge of managing hundreds, if not thousands, of geographically diverse vendors and partners. These document-driven relationships are highly confidential, and require a great deal of collaboration. Managing all phases of the relationship is extremely demanding and many organizations are struggling to maintain relationships with their abundance of vendors.

In regulated industries, firms must maximize vendor relationships with efficient and secure collaboration processes. Intralinks supports partner and vendor collaboration and information exchange with a platform that combines an intuitive user interface with leading security and risk capabilities.

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Create individual repositories for each vendor and control user permissions.

Intralinks will help you:

  • Structure workspace environments with individual repositories for each vendor and grant access only to them
  • Grant user roles to regulate appropriate access (owner, editor, viewer)
  • Successfully manage a geographically diverse group of vendors

Maintain control over sensitive files.

Use Intralinks to:

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collaborate securely hands

Collaborate securely, yet easily.

Leverage our platform to:

  • Confidently share files with comprehensive security and encryption
  • Easy work with an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Transfer large files up to 11GB

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