6 Steps for Data Breach Recovery and Prevention

Intralinks Webinar: Sharing and Collaboration in Today’s Workforce

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Secure collaboration is one of the most vital concepts in business today. In today’s workforce, employees are handling highly-sensitive corporate documents and sharing this information beyond the firewall through multiple channels and across various devices. It’s imperative that businesses maintain control over their data, while still enabling employees to share, collaborate and innovate. Managing this process can be challenging, but a collaboration solution can help keep companies’ most confidential information secure.

Protecting Innovation through Next-Generation Enterprise File Sharing at Forrester

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Coming off a great event at the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration conference in San Diego, CA last week where we launched Intralinks VIA™ and had an interesting session with our CEO Ron Hovsepian and Dale Kirkwood from The McLaren Group, we’re excited to have Michael Lees, Vice President of Strategy and Product Marketing at Intralinks speak at Forrester's Forum for CIO, EA, Infrastructure & Ops, Security & Risk, and Sourcing Professionals.

The Case for Unified Information Access: Insight and Agility

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Businesses that deliver quality and innovation, increase revenue, satisfy customers, and gain market share advantage over their competitors are the ones that thrive in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace. It only makes sense then that as managers, we focus a lot of our attention on measuring these key success factors and identifying ways to improve.