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Dealmakers in Europe and Latin America have something to celebrate

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The Intralinks Deal Flow Indicator is a unique predictive indicator of future M&A activity. When compared to actual deal volume reported by Thomson Reuters, the Intralinks DFI is a statistically reliable indicator of future deal activity about 6 months before deals are actually announced.

Government Requests to Facebook for Personal Data: Which Country Really Made the Most?

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Last week Facebook released their Global Government Requests Report offering details on official requests for personal data from governments around the world. The report shed light on the number of data requests Facebook actually received, how many users or accounts were affected by those requests and the percentage of requests with which Facebook was required to comply.

Ooops! UK Serious Fraud Office suffers biggest ever data breach

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When we think about data loss, we often immediately think about theft – hacking, phishing or malicious insider activity. But the reality is that most data is lost through mundane human error, like hitting “reply all” to an email intended for one person, or attaching the wrong file to a message.