Hedge Fund Managers: Have You Considered Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity: A Key Area of Focus for Hedge Funds

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Audit-readiness is top of mind for alternative investment firms as regulators reveal examination priorities for the year ahead. The SEC and FINRA both identified cybersecurity preparedness as a key area of focus on 2015 exams.


UK Hedge Fund Managers: Uncle Sam Wants You

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Yes, Mr. London-based hedge fund manager, the U.S. wants you! Or at least your paperwork – like emails, text messages, trade confirmations, offering documents, compliance policies and yes, investor communications.

Challenges and Solutions for Securitization Professionals

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Users in multiple deals can see all the transactions that they have access to on one “hub” screen. Bankers can set up specific files for non-engaged rating agencies to have on-demand access to relevant deal information in order to satisfy the 17g-5 regulations.

Hedge Fund Regulation: It’s Back!

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The movement to regulate hedge funds lies dormant for several years, until the fall of 2008, when Wachovia and Merrill Lynch are listed for sale on eBay. This time around the government is smarter. They introduce an amendment to the 1940 act called the Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act of 2009 and, just to be safe, throw PE and VC firms under the bus along with hedge funds.