6 Steps for Data Breach Recovery and Prevention

Intralinks Webinar: Sharing and Collaboration in Today’s Workforce

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Secure collaboration is one of the most vital concepts in business today. In today’s workforce, employees are handling highly-sensitive corporate documents and sharing this information beyond the firewall through multiple channels and across various devices. It’s imperative that businesses maintain control over their data, while still enabling employees to share, collaborate and innovate. Managing this process can be challenging, but a collaboration solution can help keep companies’ most confidential information secure.


Data Breaches More Prevalent Than Ever: SLU, CaroMont, Adobe and more

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Data breaches are regular news these days. Threats like hacking, phishing, insecure emails and physical theft can all lead to data loss and cause irrevocable damage to those involved. It’s vital that networks are secured against threats like these, and there are several ways to do it. Unfortunately, some organizations haven’t protected themselves enough. Here’s our roundup of recently reported data breaches.


2.9 Million Adobe Customers Hacked, Source Code for Products Stolen

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Multinational computer software company Adobe Systems, Inc announced that it was a victim of very “sophisticated attacks” on its computer network illegal access to source code for several products like Adobe Acrobat and Coldfusion and information on about 2.9 million Adobe customers – including names, encrypted credit card numbers, expiration dates and other data related to customers’ orders.

Ooops! UK Serious Fraud Office suffers biggest ever data breach

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When we think about data loss, we often immediately think about theft – hacking, phishing or malicious insider activity. But the reality is that most data is lost through mundane human error, like hitting “reply all” to an email intended for one person, or attaching the wrong file to a message.

The Wall Street Journal Debates File Sharing

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In an article in today’s The Wall Street Journal, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester Research Ted Schadler argues for the use of file-sharing services with appropriate precautions, stating “there is a safe and reasonable approach for every company to choosing a file sync/share service.”