Stopping the Edward Snowden in your Organisation

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In the eyes of some, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero who leaked information about top secret state-sponsored surveillance operations to journalists, stoking a global debate on privacy. But from the point of view of his employer, he hardly turned out to be a model staff member.

Intralinks UNshare Reveal and Recover Sweepstakes

Reveal and Recover Sweepstakes: Share Your 'Oops' Moment

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In fact, Intralinks’ website is full of 'Oops' moments like this from people just like you. And today we've launched a new social media sweepstakes to help you recover from your very own ‘Oops’ moment so you can start your New Year with a clear conscious.


Data Breaches More Prevalent Than Ever: SLU, CaroMont, Adobe and more

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Data breaches are regular news these days. Threats like hacking, phishing, insecure emails and physical theft can all lead to data loss and cause irrevocable damage to those involved. It’s vital that networks are secured against threats like these, and there are several ways to do it. Unfortunately, some organizations haven’t protected themselves enough. Here’s our roundup of recently reported data breaches.

The Witless Protection Program

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According to Forrester Research, unintended mishandling of information is far and away the most common way that corporate data is lost – far more frequent than malicious acts of data theft or hacking. It’s clear we need a way to guard against our own fallibility and ensure we can always retract access to the information we share, even after it has been copied widely on email or shared through collaboration tools.

60 Seconds On Sharing: Can You UNshare?

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Collaboration is one of the most important concepts in business today. Distributed work forces and increasingly complex projects have brought online collaboration capabilities to the forefront of many business leaders’ minds.